Christmas Luxe DREAM List

4:00 AM Daryl 0 Comments

I am such a fantasizer! Here are some things I would buy for myself this Christmas if I had endless money/an orchard of money trees:

HERMES clic clacs in ALL colors and sizes. Yum yum yum. So tacky, in-your-face Hermes! So Chinese chekwa! So disgustingly cheap, nouveau riche-looking and annoying! So FUN!

Cartier love bangles (in all the colors too!). Not as tacky as the clic clacs (a lot less, I would say!) but so chic and quietly classy.

Cartier silk and gold bracelets. Yummmmm they look like candy. I super like. 

Rose gold Rolex (the ultimate brand of the tacky Chekwas!). So fun, so FOB (fresh of boat), so irresistibly annoying!!! And gorgeous, too! Men's size for me please!

OKAY please look at this super duper blinged out GANGNAM Rolex! It's literally screaming I have 10000000 pesos and am just a little bit insecure. It's so irritatingly LOUD and annoying and I love it.

Celine phantom. In many many many colors please!

I would love the box bags and luggage totes too!

A whole bunch of Missoni bikinis! 

And Missoni sweaters! Margherita is totally my hippy peg.

and a jetski with everlasting fuel

and some epic, fun jewelry! With the legit diamonds please, no fakes haha

Look at these earrings! So delicious.

And I love how this ring is so RAW and POLISHED at the same time. Kinda like a caveman version of Kate Middleton's engagement ring. :P