Once upon a time

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I saw this quote on Shawie's phone and completely loved it!

But I think I like my own version better!

Once upon a time 
a prince asked a beautiful princess
Will you marry me?
The princess said
and the princess learned how to be independent and stopped being so scared and lived happily ever after
and traveled around the world and met interesting people and learned new stuff and bought gorgeous bags
and she got her MA and then her PhD and also became a famous painter
and she always put herself first
and she looked like Georgina Wilson but dressed like Ivanka Trump
and she never let any boy make her feel small or stupid or useless
and she could run 10km in 45 minutes and do yoga headstands and she had as many pairs of Nikes as she did Manolos (which is to say a lot)
And all her friends and family thought she was f-ing cool as hell
And she made tons of money and made the world a little bit better


 I had so much FUN doing this and feel like it was such an empowering thing to do!!! :) All girls should do this! If I were a guidance counselor I would make all my students do this. It's a really fun way to set goals for yourself. Sorta like the write your own obituary activity but way more cheerful. Haha!