Those Zara camo pants

4:00 AM Daryl 2 Comments

EVERYONE seems to have a pair of these pants! They are like the mint skinny jeans of F/W 2012, I guess! I saw them in Zara and almost bought them but didn't because I'm trying to lose weight and might not fit into them after (and also because they retail for Php 2,995 here! Not sure if they are worth it...especially since I am not supposed to be spending) and then started noticing EVERYONE wearing them. Just Google "Zara camo pants" and so many results come up! Aimee Song also has them, and so do a whole crew of other bloggers.

(not the same pants. Also not digging this girl's outfit AT ALL)

(this girl isn't wearing the exact same pair, but they are also Zara and camo. Haha!)

If I do get the pants, I think I should get this shirt (also from Zara), too! I would totally wear them together (shamelessly) with lots of chunky gold accessories.  I think I could also wear them jeans with printed tops (striped or floral) and detail-heavy sandals for a hyper-Italian look. And I could wear them with superfine gray/white tank tops or t-shirts and black flats and a structured black bag. Or with a lace top and a pale pink blazer and delicate flat sandals... Hmm okay, now I think I should totally get them...Okay I just totally sold them to myself na haha grrrrrr. Anyway, what do you think? Would you buy them?



  1. I'll get with you!! I have a white peplum top that would look great with a pair :D

  2. Haha yay! Game, let's gow later (if we eat in a mall). See, i replied haha lavyou ateh S