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Beautiful things that also happen to be really smart deals that I can't (but WILL!!!!! No shopping for me) resist this month:

1. Ken Samudio's OLIVE necklace is a beautiful, couture-worthy steal at an unbelievable tag of only Php 2,500. Perfect for starchy white dresses, striped cotton tops, lazy black linen shifts... I was stalking his Instagram and this piece just really made my eyes pop out of their sockets because everyone in this world who knows me must know how obsessed I am about white anything... I loooove this necklace and it's a really good deal, considering how the nicer-looking and more statement-making F21 necklaces (made in China, zzz) all retail for around 1k each... Far better to buy this and support Philippine designers! I would also like to take this time to say that Ken Samudio is a real-life genius. His strange and beautiful anemone-/alien-inspired clutches are out of this world. 

2. Pink Manila Caitlyn dress. I have seen and touched (hehe, that sounds weird) this dress at their Shang branch and the material is just really nice and thick, and the cut is great, too! It doesn't look anything like it's price tag (a really good deal at Php 1090).  I saw (and was sooo tempted to get) a very similar dress from Zara priced at 4,000+++. Get this instead, guys! Sooo perfect with nude high heels OR strappy flat sandals... So chic and easy. Plus I really love anything pink now.

3. Another super mega affordable find from the same brand (I love Pink Manila!! It's my favorite store hehe) is the Shape Shift romper at Php 1090. The colors on this romper are just so bright and cheery and reminiscent of the overpriced (in my opinion!) clothes available from Ever New. Something like this would retail for upwards of Php 4,000 there. Plus the architecture of this piece makes it look like it was made to order.

4. Of course, I just had to feature something from Curated Manila: 14 karat gold (not filled or plated -- 100% 14k gold!) Cartier Juste un Clou inspired bangles. An absolute steal at Php 10,500.  They retail at the Cartier website upwards of Php 200,000 (what did you expect?). There are only two pieces (both in white gold) left, and one is already reserved, so you might want to snap up the other, stat! Order by Whatsapping or SMS-ing +639178999940. 

5. Aranaz straw clutches with alphabet letters. I don't know what this is called, but they sell them at the counter of the Aranaz boutique in Rockwell. I've been lurking around Rockwell ALL THE TIME lately because of my classes, and hence stumbled upon these beauties!! They retail for Php 1,700, and these I really couldn't resist because: 1. They are made of straw (I love-love-love straw bags!! STRAW STRAW STRAW whoopppeeeeeee); 2. They are clutches (and clutches just make me clutch my heart! haha what an annoying pun); and 3. They are personalized (if I can put my name on something, I will!!!). So I ordered one for myself, in bright green, with a nice big D on it!!! :) Can't wait for Ms. Aranaz Saleslady to text me to pick it up. Also those earrings in the photo are really stunning and beautifully made in person! Far better than most of the beaded pa-Bea Valdes effect earrings that are being sold around, and quite fairly priced below 2,000 Php if I remember right.

Have fun shopping and please show me your goodies by tagging @curatedmanila on instagram! :) I will be living vicariously through all your beautiful picks.


P.S., on the brightness of everything I'm obsessing over: I know spring is over and we're supposed to be moving on to wearing gray and mustard for fall but this year I've decided I want to live an eternal summer/perpetual spring for the rest of my life, and just wear a lot of white + bright, lovely colors! I can wear gray and black when I am dead. Hehe.

P.P.S: All photos are NOT mine, except for the Curated Manila one of course (which I didn't take, either! A very beautiful fairy did, hello! in case you are reading this!). All photos are from the instagrams or facebook pages of the respective brands.

Where to buy:
Order from Ken Samudio here: http://instagram.com/kensamudio
Order from Pink Manila here: https://www.facebook.com/PinkManilaPh
Order from Curated Manila here: www.facebook.com/curatedmanila