Bare (Wardrobe) Bones

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What would you take with you if you were going away for a bit to somewhere absolutely new to you (and would need to fend for yourself entirely)?

Gave a lot of thought to this question and I think that everything I would bring would have to meet all of the following criteria:
#1 Must not be provocative in any way (yes, feminists, I totally get that we women are never asking for it no matter what we wear, but of course if we are going to be all by ourselves in an entirely new place, it is safer to not look even the least bit like we are asking for it)
#2 Must be immensely comfortable (for walking around a lot/getting lost)
#3 Must be easy to care for (things you can just pop into the washing machine.. hand washing is feasible -- I personally handwash all my beaded items -- but always makes me feel weepy. Also, things that would not require a lot of ironing!!!)
#4 Must look elegant and presentable (we all know how confidence is intimately related to appearance)
#5 Must be supremely versatile and get along with everything else you are taking with you


And here are things that I think would fit the bill perfectly!
1. Boat neck-ed blouses in washing machine-friendly fabrics
2. A perfect, classic, Burberry-looking trench coat (Burberry Blue makes a pretty wonderful lookalike -- but the price is also a lookalike! Wahaha)
3. An equally perfect and classic non-Burberry-looking coat
4. Dainty skirts past knee length (the better to ride trains/climb stairs with without giving the whole world a free show)
5. Old school trousers (been thinking a lot about high-waisted flared pants but I don't see that bit happening to me yet)
6. High-waisted culottes to be lazy (but polished) in
7. Black maryjanes (I've been thinking about them since January!)
8. The new Chuck 2 (made with Lunarlon soles! Thank you, Nike)
9. Thermals (to survive cold temperatures!)

Cheers to new places and new faces! :)

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  1. Swooning at this colour palette! *heart eyes emoji*