Wardrobe Update

10:24 PM Daryl 0 Comments

trend update

Things you need right now:
1. A shoulder bag that sits under your armpits, hehe. I love the Celine versions. I think they are right between boxy and slouchy and absolutely perfect.
2. Dior So Real/So Electric sunnies, or any lookalike.
3. Slides: best embellished, in my opinion! I think that leather slides or slides that are too bulky (or God forbid, RUBBER slides which I've seen at Zara -- How about NO!) are too manly! The gem-encrusted, more slender versions appeal to me much more.
4. Culottes: perhaps the most important (and most comfortable!!!) wardrobe addition.
5.  Hyper-strappy heels! Aquazzura's are incredible.
6. Slouchy, ballerina-off-duty-looking sweaters 
7. Halter-strapped slouchy tops (yes, my new favorite word is slouchy hehe)
8. Slouchy-but-tailored trousers
9. For those who are ready, BELL-BOTTOMS! I've seen perfect high-waisted pairs at Topshop.