J Crew Forever

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I'm in fashion school now, and we currently need to choose a brand to hypothetically compete with. At first I chose Marchesa,  the eveningwear brand I hold closest to my heart - inarguably feminine and consistently beautiful, always luxurious!! But we were then told that the collection had to be composed of different kinds of garments (Marchesa is all about - and ONLY about - the opulent evening gown - Lord knows how I would live my life entirely in beaded things, if it were feasible!) so I looked through a few other brands I love: Carven, Chalayan, Miu Miu, Blumarine, Alberta Ferretti and J. Crew. They all make pretty nice things but my absolute favorite was J. Crew. I would wear everything they sent down that runway.

Some gorgeous looks from last year's fall collection:

Classic necklines always get me

And my favorites from this year's collection:

Please notice the fur at the bottom of the sweater and the floral embellishments on her sandals

This is their fall collection and they're featuring a lot of PINK, yellow and clementine-y peach when everyone else is sending down umber, mustard, bordeaux... Definitely my kind of brand.

Fur again! With STRIPES this time. Please also give attention to the tassels at the ankles of her shoes.

Full sequined maxi skirt + classic denim oxford + Fendi-esque bag (those are feathers, BTW!) = winner

Cuffed trousers and pointy pumps..... definitely my kind of thang

I love how the looks are (1) tailored and clean; (2) fun, glittery, be-sequined, be-furred and be-tasseled; (3) easy, slightly thrown-together-looking/the antithesis of trying too hard.

 Kind of like Ralph Lauren meets Kate Spade... I think this would be the look you got if you always stole your brother's/boyfriend's clothes and hung around thrift shops looking for furry/sequined vintage things!!!

I also love the hair and makeup on all the models. Even from the previous year's RTW collection (the first three photos), the look is quite consistent: effortless, healthy, fresh, youthful. Nothing scary, avant-garde or prima donna-ish here!

 I would wear everything they make. So it's settled (despite it's lack of blue blood):  J Crew all the way!

P.S.: Michelle Obama wears J. Crew, too!

(everything from J. Crew)

(belt from J. Crew)